Gleniff horseshoe

Gleniff Horseshoe

Gleniff Horseshoe so called because of its shape and layout. Along the drive or walk can be clearly seen the dramatic cliffs containing the cave that served as a hiding place for mythical runaway lovers Diarmuid and Grainne. This epic tale of young love is best read over a steaming hot Whiskey or cooling pint of Guinness once the day’s driving is done. [codepeople-post-map]

The scenery around the Gleniff Horseshoe overlooking Sligo and Donegal Bay is some of the most beautiful in the hidden Ireland, a highlight of the Wild Atlantic Way. There are two beautiful short walks here along the river and a 5 mile walk around the horseshoe itself is magnificent. Budget accommodation is available locally at the Benwiskin Centre.

The local landowners, the Mount Temples developed a Barytes Mine on Gleniff Mountain, including a narrow gauge railway going from Gleniff all the way to Mullaghmore Harbour for export of the material. Barytes was a material used in the manufacture of Paints and Cosmetics, for lubricating industrial drills and powdered for taking in a barium meal X-Ray, showing up easily because of its density. This closed down in the sixties because the material was available elsewhere from open cast mines which was cheaper to produce.

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